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WWPHacks is a hackathon - a collaborative programming competition where teams of up to four work against the clock to build innovative technological solutions to real world problems. Participants will have 24 hours to communicate and work on their project with their team, with the opportunity to participate in numerous workshops and mini-events along the way. Once projects are finished, contestants will submit them for judging. A team of judges will analyze projects based on metrics such as neatness, creativity, and implementation. Interesting prizes will be awarded to winners. At the end of the day, participants be leaving the hackathon with technical experience, new friends, and the feeling of fulfillment.

24 Hours of an experience

WWPHacks spans over an entire day filled with workshops, mini-events, and keynotes that will always give you something to do when you’re not working tirelessly on your project.



Check In

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Workshop 2

Workshops are to be decided. Come back for more info!
Opening Ceremony

Tune in on Zoom to watch the opening ceremony.
Mini Event 2

Take a break and join us for some fun!
Hacking Begins

Without further ado, time to get right to work on your project!
Workshop 3

Workshops are to be decided. Come back for more info!
Bootcamp Orientation

If you're new to coding, have no fear! Start here!
Bootcamp 2

Follow up with your learning journey!
Mini Event 1
10:00 - 10:30

Take a break and join us for some fun!
Workshop 4

Workshops are to be decided. Come back for more info!
Workshop 1

Workshops are to be decided. Come back for more info!
Mini-Event 3

Take a break and join us for some fun!
Bootcamp 3

Finish up your journey with Bootcamp and deploy your web app!
Submissions Due

Times up! Wrap up your work and submit within the next 10 minutes.
Closing Ceremony

Join us one last time as we wrap up, announce winners, and bid you farewell.

Frequently Asked Questions

What do I need during the event

All you need to participate is a computer and a proper internet connection. If your project involves hardware, make sure you have the materials available beforehand.

How many people per team?

Teams can range anywhere from 1-4 people. If you do not have a team before the event, worry not - you can find one on our handy Discord server.

What can I make at WWPHacks?

You can make absolutely anything as part of your submission! If your project involves hardware, be prepaped to create a short video in order to show us your creation.

I don't know how to code. Can I still participate?

You absolutely can! We've got you covered with a comprehensive Bootcamp to teach you the skills you'll need!

What are the prizes?

Prizes can be found on our Devpost, however, you can expect some really cool gadgets, software subscriptions, and tech! Come back soon to learn more

How will hacks be evaluated?

Submissions will be evaluated based on their real-world application, technical complexity, and visual appeal, according to a fixed rubric in order to fairly review your projects


November 21st, 2020


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